What We Do

What We Do…

We support projects that provide shelter to victims of domestic violence and abuse, education and training for those who want a better job and to build a career, and hope for those stricken with chronic or fatal illnesses who want a future.

We provide grants and awards that recognize personal accomplishments, goals still to be achieved, and those who have and continue to make significant contributions to the community related to Soroptimist projects, goals, and the SI mission.

We raise funds to help women and girls in our community.

We are volunteers who want to give back.

The Soroptimist Mission

Soroptimist International of Fairfax County (SIFC) supports the mission of our parent organization, Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) – improving the lives of women and girls locally and around the world.



For some women, achieving their professional goals involves great personal sacrifice or overcoming personal challenges, such as drug and/or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poverty, crime, and more. The person who finds the strength, courage, and resolve to succeed in spite of those challenges deserves recognition, and SIFC provides it through the Women’s Opportunity Award. Each year, the award improves the life of a deserving woman by giving her the resources she needs to improve her education, skills, and employment prospects. This award is monetary and is intended to help the winner with her living and/or educational expenses.

If you know of a woman who is a single head of her home and family and is struggling to meet her professional goals, please contact us at info@sifairfax.org.



This award, named for the founder of Soroptimist International, celebrates and recognizes our community’s young volunteers who give their time and energy to helping others. Girls aged 13 to 17 who volunteer their free time in support of a worthy cause qualify for the Violet Richardson Award. The winner donates half the award to her sponsoring organization.



Women who dedicate their lives to helping the less fortunate achieve their life goals deserve recognition. Each year, SIFC seeks out these special women to recognize their work and accomplishments through the Making a Difference for Women Award. If you know a potential candidate for this award, please contact us at info@sifairfax.org. This is a monetary award that the winner donates to her sponsoring organization.


Fundraising Events


Each fall, SIFC members sell the annual White House Christmas Ornaments – designed and produced by the White House Historical Association to commemorate the administration of past U.S. presidents – to schools, churches, organizations, and individuals. Ornaments may be purchased either from SIFC members from September through December or at the annual Fairfax Fall Festival (stop by our booth to say hello while you decide how many to buy).


At Celebrate Fairfax, Fairfax County’s and Northern Virginia’s largest community-wide event annual fair, and SIFC largest fundraising event with 25 acres of amazing concerts, family programs, exhibits, thrilling carnival rides and nightly fireworks! Our members sell cold beer too hot, thirsty fair goers (who are age 21 or older and can prove it) from an assigned booth.





Since 2001 Bethany House was organized to help women and their children who have suffered from domestic violence regain health and dignity and become re-established in their community by providing temporary housing and support, throughout Fairfax County.  Bethany House has received assistance from SIFC members in the form of donated goods, funding, and support.




Where Did We Come From?

Soroptimist International of Fairfax County has a rich history of generous giving, volunteerism, and support of projects that makes life better for the residents of Fairfax County. The club was chartered on November 28, 1945 at the Washington Golf and Country Club with 17 members and the sponsorship of Soroptimist International of Arlington County.

Since then, SI of Fairfax County has raised funds in support of facilities and programs that provide medical care and treatment, end-of-life services, shelter for the victims of domestic violence, cancer research, care for the elderly, and transitional training and services to assist low-income or indigent persons and families. Since the earliest days of its history, the club has also sponsored scholarships and awards to assist those who need help with their education and training and to recognize, reward, and encourage exceptional volunteerism.

Our Timeline


•Helped establish Fairfax Hospital

•Co-sponsored and organized the Northern Virginia Heart Association with SI of Arlington

•Co-sponsored and organized the Over 60 Employment and Counseling Service with SI of Arlington

•Funded scholarships to Northern Virginia Community College

•Funded scholarships to the St. Luke’s Hospital Nursing School in Richmond, VA

•Purchased an audiometer for Fairfax County Schools–the first in Virginia–for testing students’ hearing

•Held a benefit dance in support of the Cancer Foundation

•Established an annual award for senior girls–one from each Fairfax County high school–for outstanding community service and citizenship

•Established a Nursing Scholarship

•Co-sponsored and organized the Arlington-Fairfax Heart Association and presented the organization with a check for $1,810.73    


•Established an annual beauty contest, SI of Fairfax’s main fundraising event

•Furnished a room at Fairfax Hospital

•Donated television sets to Walter Reed Hospital

•Began annual donations to Aid to the Blind

•Continued annual scholarships, awards, and projects


•Helped sponsor SI of McLean-Tysons Club

•Established a scholarship to Northern Virginia Community College

•Continued annual scholarships, awards, and projects


•Organized Fashion Shows and Casino Nights as major fundraising events

•Continued annual scholarships, awards, and projects


•Sponsor the Annual Antique Show at George Mason University in support of Hospice of the Capitol Area, a major fundraising event

•Sale of White House Christmas Ornaments, a fundraising project

•Sale of Carruth lawn and home ornaments, a fundraising project

•Volunteer at Celebrate Fairfax (beer sales), a fundraising project

•Sponsor annual Women’s Opportunity Award

•Sponsor annual Making a Difference for Women Award

•Sponsor Violet Richardson Award

•Contribute goods, services, and funding to Bethany House, a shelter for victims of domestic violence

•Contribute funds to FACETS (Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services, Inc.), an interfaith program that provides comprehensive services to the homeless, or those who are precariously housed in Fairfax County.

•Volunteer with Girl Scouts of the National Capitol Area to help girls learn to understand and effectively manage personal finances

•Volunteer and support Allied Health & Nursing Partnership, a Fairfax County organization that helps young people develop careers in nursing and allied health care professions

2008 – present

•Sale of White House Christmas Ornaments, a fundraising project

•Sale of Carruth lawn and home ornaments, a fundraising project

•Volunteer at Celebrate Fairfax (beer sales), a fundraising project

•Sponsor annual Live Your Dream Award (recognizing a head-of-household woman furthering her education)

•Sponsor annual Violet Richardson Award (recognizing a young woman who volunteers in her community)

•Contribute goods, services, and funding to Bethany House, a shelter for victims of domestic

•Contribute funds to INOVA Schar Cancer Research Center

•Contribute funds to Capital Caring (Hospice of the National Capital region)

•Contribute funds to Second Story, a program supporting young mothers

•Contribute funds to the Women’s Business Center, provides support for women starting a business

•Contribute funds to Pathways, an organization serving individuals with mental health diagnoses

•Contribute funds to African Women’s Economic Development Partnership, supporting women in Cameroon